Pm1000 inside
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    David Evans McDonald

    Engineer. Mixer. Producer. Tech.


    Completed Projects:
    Ready the Messenger - Recorded/Mixed new 3 song EP.
    For Every Empire - Produced, Engineered, Mixed debut EP.
    365Colours - Produced, Recorded, Mixed debut EP.
    Ready the Messenger - Recorded debut EP.
    Wings Burn Away - Recorded, Partial Mixing, EP
    In Progress/Upcoming:
    Adam Hovey - Producing/Recording/Mixing debut Album.
    365Colours - Recording/Mixing Single "Whiskey Spells".
    Alex Alcocer - Recording/Mixing.
    Dream Connaisseur - Recording/Mixing Debut Album.
Pm1000 inside

Yamaha PM-1000 Racking

Finished racking up a pair of PM-1000 channel strips with Phantom Power, Polarity switch, Direct Inputs, and original Tamura GA80071 input and GA80080 output transformers. I used a Power One 48V 0.5A linear power supply (Part # HB48-0.5-A) for the phantom power and built up a little LM317 voltage regulator circuit to tap off the … Continue reading


Ready the Messenger – some FREE tunes

I’ve been fortunate enough to get to work with Ready the Messenger again on some singles they will be releasing for free download to their fans. I’m also extremely fortunate that they decided to get into Test Tube Audio for a day to record all the drums in the studio with Kevin Butler, my good … Continue reading


Gear Testing:Frequency Sweep Analysis with FuzzMeasure – Orban 672A Parametric EQ

While doing some other mods on cheap mic preamps I decided I should put my conclusions based on simple listening tests to a more rigorous test with real objective data to back it up. Thus my search began for a cheap, or if possible, free way to run a frequency sweep through my audio gear … Continue reading


mods mods mods…

Shure M67 Mic Mixer …. modded for direct outs on each channel, psuedo-balanced trs outputs, with each gain pot moved in the circuit to function as the dampening resistor for the mic input transformer. Before: Modding: After: and a fancy new paint job. Altec 1674C …. 4 channel automatic microphone mixer with direct outs, Phantom … Continue reading


Bellari MP105 mod

I modded a cheapo tube preamp a while back based on some reading on online forums as well as instructions/schematics from a friendly TapeOper. Just for some DIY fun to maybe learn a little something and to hear for myself if there’s any justification to the hype for this preamp mod. Here’s a few pictures … Continue reading


Alex Alcocer home recording sessions

      ….I’ve been busy recording some acoustic songs for my good buddy Alex Alcocer with my recording setup I have at my disposal at home. It’s been super fun fleshing out tones and ideas for these songs keeping in mind the limitations of the acoustical space and attempting to use those limitations to suit the songs. … Continue reading


For Every Empire – Self-titled EP sessions

          For Every Empire‘s debut self titled EP dropped this past Friday, January 27th. Produced, Engineered and Mixed by yours truly at Test Tube Audio and Mastered by Erik Wofford at Cacophony Recorders. Give a few tracks off it a listen and go show some support by buying the full thing for only $6 on itunes. … Continue reading


DIY Speaker Stands & QRD Diffusor

I had been meaning to build some custom speaker stands ever since I upgraded from my Mackie MR8′s to some passive B&W Matrix 805′s (with an Adcom GFA-555 amp). Finally got around to taking on the task after some brief research and debate over how I would design them and what materials I would construct … Continue reading


Ready the Messenger – Drum Tracking

Started tracking for Ready the Messenger’s debut EP on 5th October 2010 at the studio at the Art Institute of Austin. We put drums in the live room and I threw up some close mics, overheads and a Royer SF-24 in Mid-Side for a room mic. Spent a good 2-3 hours just setting up drums … Continue reading


DIY small diaphragm cardioid condenser microphones

I built these small diaphragm condenser mics as a project for an Electronics III class. The circuit layout and design of the microphones are based on DIY microphone projects by Scott Helmke (the “Alice” mic) and Stefan Avalos’ small cardioids. The circuit schematic used is based off the Schoeps circuit and requires 48V of Phantom … Continue reading


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